The Dutch Gateway Review Method is based on the Gateway Program in the United Kingdom, and was first introduced to The Netherlands in 2007. The formal Gateway Review accreditation was granted to the Dutch Ministry of the Interior en Kingdom Relations in January 2010. Since then, over five hundred high risk projects, programs and organisations have been reviewed with very positive results.

The Gateway Review process is a fundamental part of the Dutch Government's initiative to improve the management and delivery of high risk projects and policy initiatives by

  • providing an independent confidential assessment of a project's health at a point in time;
  • improving the capability of project and program management skills in government via actively sharing lessons learned.

The Gateway Process examines projects and programs at key decision points and aims to provide timely advice to the Senior Responsible Owner (SRO) - the person responsible for delivery of the project or program. A Gateway report provides the SRO with an independent view on the current progress of the project or program including observations and recommendations.

As the only formal accredited organization in The Netherlands, the Dutch Gateway Office is part of an international Gateway family. There are Gateway hubs in the UK, Scotland and New Zealand. Several Asian countries have also shown interest in the Gateway Review Method. The Dutch Gateway Office has regular contact with the trademark holder in the UK.

The information on this website is presented in the Dutch language. For further information, please CONTACT the Dutch Gateway Office: